15 Minute Daily Devotional

It takes time to learn to love somebody.  This fact is applicable in our relationship with God.  We must spend time with God to fall in love with Him.  The result of learning to love God will be a personal desire to live for Him daily by being involved in His work.  Phillip Johnson has compiled a simple, yet effect 15 minute daily plan that will help you learn to love God and more about His ways.

Spending Time With God
A Suggested Plan for 15 Minutes a Day

1.  Relax (1 minute)

– Take a minute to focus your mind on God.  (Psalm 46:10)

2.  Read the Word (4 minutes)

– As you read, focus on listening to God as He speaks.  Have an open mind and an open heart to the God’s Word.

3.  Reflect on the Word (4 minutes)

– Think through what you just read.  How does this passage apply to my life?  How does this apply to my relationship with God, with my family, with the church, with others, and with myself.

4.  Record (2 minutes)

– Write down important questions, observations, and personal applications from your reading.  Decide on at least one action step to take based on what you read today.

5.  Request (4 minutes)

– Pray to God with thanksgiving and express your needs to Him and your dependence on Him.

I would suggest that you take some time to check out for some of his 15 minute daily devotional walks through the gospel accounts.


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